Jun 21

Headaches and a social life

And I’m not implying the two are linked :p

I’ve woken up every morning for most of this week with a headache. What’s up with that? Too much sitting in front of the screen? The prescription for my glasses getting old? Back/neck tension? Any thoughts on the curing of said headaches that doesn’t involve the disprin max I’ve been guzzling?

And unrelated to this, I’ve suddenly developed a social life. It comes in waves, you see, and at the moment we’re at high tide. Seeing people, drinking coffee, watching movies. Won’t last forever. Soon the keyboard will manacle itself to my wrist and I won’t go anywhere that isn’t my study. So I enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. Miquela Faure

    Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Do you have a fan blowing directly on you?

    Those are some things that affect whether or not I get a headache.

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