Jul 03

The joy of rewrites

Chapter six is fighting me. I’m not sure what it is but something isn’t quite right. It has new characters, new magic, conflict, mc pushing herself too far, mc making mistakes and not making very many friends. But still, it’s not sitting well. A case of talking-heads syndrome, perhaps? Either way, it’s a job for tomorrow.


  1. Graham

    What I find is that by the time I get to the middle chapters, I’ve done all the plotting and the fun world-building stuff and it’s just a matter of cranking out the story as planned. It makes it hard to keep the enthusiasm up and write sparkling prose!

    If it really is a talking heads issue though, maybe if you force yourself to do something radical – switch viewpoint, recall the exposition during some more exciting action, intersperse it with flashback/flashforward action, pick one of the mistakes as the lever to unfold it all, pick one of the lost friends to recount it in unusual circumstances (as she dies, transforms, reconciles, plots mc’s death, whatever). I’m throwing up random thoughts here only because I find random thoughts can sometimes trigger something more useful :-)

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll wrestle Chapter 6 to the ground one way or another. Best of luck,


  2. Holly

    bah, you’ll kick the chapter’s ass tomorrow. *knows* Wait, that was two days ago. So… did you figure it out? 😛

  3. Joanne

    Thanks guys! Got to admit though, I’ve spent some time away from it rather than tackling head on. A bit of space can help with the whole perspective thing :)

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