Jul 10

A little short story in a big wide world

Wordwitch has sold to A Fly in Amber, and will be the feature story for their July issue. This story had a rough start to life, so I’m really pleased to see it taking steps into the big wide world out there.

Wish it luck, and I’ll let you know when it comes online!


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  1. Graham

    Feature story, huh? Not too shabby at all.

    It’s the word ‘sold’ in your post that has really got me slobbering though. Personally, I’m still on ‘accepted’ as no-one has yet parted with hard cash for one of mine. But I live in hope and now have you as an inspiration and goad.



  2. Ella

    Sold? Wahoo! One step closer to that dream house… (I get my own wing, right? With a study in it looking out onto a ‘rambling garden’? Right?)

  3. Rabia

    Woo! You go!

  4. May


  5. Joanne

    Thanks Graham! Sold is a good word, is it not :)

  6. Joanne

    Rabia and May: *hugs* and thanks!

  7. Joanne

    Ella! Mate, it’ll be a small house at this rate :p but if you still want a (tiny) wing you’re always welcome. Hehe.

  8. Ella

    It’s early days yet, my sweet, and I have faith… I’ll take the Boreanaz Wing – it’s dark and a little bit sexy and a little bit dorky and a little bit dangerous – just like its namesake, and just like me. Only I’m a lot sexy and a lot dangerous.

  9. j-a

    that’s great news, joanne, can’t wait to read it. congratulations!

  10. Joanne

    Thanks j-a! You sound very incognito like that. Like a spy :)

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