Oct 01

Don’t mean to complain…

After all, I put those lovely post-it notes there myself. And re-writing the first three and the final three chapters is sound. But right now the couch, with its chocolate and video games and DVDs, is just so tempting…

Anyone got brilliant ideas on how to keep focused on the project at hand? Anything that can compete with Toblerone and Fraiser?


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  1. Jeremy Gordon

    Just imagine yourself in 40 years time…

    Are you in the same home, eating Toblerone and watching Fraiser?

    Or are you kicking back on a yacht moored off Cannes, celebrating the fabulous cinema rendition of your fifteenth successful novel by eating Toblerone and watching Fraiser?

  2. j-a

    re: jez’s comment – can’t argue with that!

  3. May

    tsk tsk tsk…nothing competes with Toblerone and Frasier – except home-made ice-cream and Frasier.

  4. Rabia

    Unplug the TV.

    Keep the chocolate, though. You’ll need sustenance for the long haul. :)

  5. Graham

    Oh my God. I was getting on so well, writing thousands of words. Now I have to go and eat Toblerone and watch Frasier. Why did you have to say it? Why? Why?

  6. Joanne

    Home made icecream and Frasier! Now THAT’S an idea :)

  7. Joanne

    Good to see I’m spreading the Toblerone/Frasier bug. *bwahahahaha*

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