Dec 29

Better late than never

Oh I’m so far behind! I blame Christmas.

Check out the list of contributors for CSFG‘s Masques anthology. What great company!

Amelia Walker ‘Gentlemen Prefer Pengs’
Andrew J. McKiernan The Dumbshow
Anne Mok The Gift of the Butterfly Queen
Ariella Adler Coppernic’s Sky
Astrid Cooper Still Life
Cat Sheely Hobnails in heaven
Cat Sparks Seventeen
Chris Jones The Whispering Walls
Donna Maree Hanson Night of Masks and Spears
Doug Fry Tom Linken
Felicity Bloomfield Ours to tease
Graham Storrs Murathera’s Orgy
Jacob Edwards An Insidious Soliloquy
Jason Fischer The Patchwork Palace
Joanne Anderton Death Masque
Justin Thomas Jetsam and flotsam
Kylie Bullivant The Winter Ball
Laura E. Goodin The Dancing Mice and the Giants of Flanders
Marcus Olsson The Hidden
Matthew Sini The Dirge of Dr Donatello Dieci
Megan Tones Overworld
Mik Bennett The Broken Cross
Monica Carroll Marked from birth
Nicole R. Murphy Blonde Curls
Phillip Berrie The Changeling Detective
R.J. Astruc Four Parties
Richard Harland The Widow’s Face
Ross C. Hamilton Outside the frame
Simon Petrie The Fall Guy
Valerie Y.L. Toh Innuendo

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