Jan 23

Holidays don’t last long enough, do they?

Well, we’re back from our far-too-brief holiday down the south coast. I’m in moping mode. Returning to the city always depresses me.

We stayed in a lovely house close to the coast a good five hours south of Sydney. It was beautiful and peaceful and we had ourselves a lovely time. Gully the dog joined us for his first holiday away and I think he fell in love with the open spaces as much as I did. He discovered mud crabs (and ate them) and met cows for the first time (and stared at them). Husband and I did a lot of reading and eating. We went cheese and wine shopping, and we all went bushwalking together.

Sigh. Depressing myself again. And so you understand why it’s so upsetting to be home, this is the view from the porch where husband and I lay under a big umbrella and read books:


And this is the cattle dog meeting cattle for the first time! I love his attentive ‘I know I should do something but I don’t know what that is…’ stance:

Gully Cows

And Gully again, with a great big happy grin, after romping through the water, chasing crabs and splashing mud all over us:

Gully wet



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  1. Rabia

    Lovely! Do you have a timeline for getting out of the city and into the country? I know you love spreadsheets and plans. 😀

  2. Joanne

    LOL of course I do. By the time I’m 35 mate! 35. *crosses fingers*

  3. Janette

    If Jez can up sticks and flee to NZ, getting out of the city by 35 should be a snap for you! :-)

  4. Joanne

    I certainly hope so :)

  5. j-a

    i feel another sea change coming on! looks really lovely. however, it’s good to have you back!

  6. Joanne

    Bring on the sea change :) Computer and internet access will travel with me with the change finally happens.

  7. Janette

    A word to the wise – research, research, research.

    Just because your internet provider says service is available to your dream seachange location, doesn’t mean it’s reliable, or fast, or even… dare I say it… available??! Regional access is getting better but there are black holes and decrepit exchanges dotted all over the countryside, perfect traps for young players. And closer to the city than you think….

    If in doubt, ask a local (and not your real estate agent!) 😀

  8. Joanne

    Oh I know! I’ve heard enough of my Mum and Dad’s complaints :) I’d like to think broadband will be sorted out across the country by the time we’re ready to move… hey, stop laughing! I’m serious… 😉

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