Mar 23


First draft. Done.

You know how some stories are harder to write than others? Yeah, this was one of those. The first draft has finally come in at 11,000 odd words but boy, oh, boy does it need some work.

This little bugger of a tale did not want to participate. The reasons for this are many and varied (because I know you’re all just dying to know what these are…) The main reason was the pressure I felt writing it. I felt it had to be more than good. It had to be perfect. This led to a kind of performance anxiety-paralysis when I would write a few words, stare at them, gnaw fingers, stare at them some more. Not conducive to the actual writing. In the midst of the first draft some other, exciting things happened and suddenly, it was really difficult to focus. Then the whole reason I was so hung-up on getting the damned thing perfect fell through, and suddenly I was left with a ‘is there still any point’ feeling. Which, of course, there was. But still, it was a battle to keep fingers on keys.

Ahh, writerly angst. Don’t you just love it.

Anyway, it’s done. I’m actually looking forward to the revision. Just wait for me to eat those words when I realise how much revision will need to be done.


  1. Holly

    Congrats on finishing! Totally understand the angst, but you made it through, right? *cheers*

  2. Joanne

    Yes! Got through it in one piece 😀

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