Mar 25

Gardening, not revision

Revision is starting. And because the details of revision (‘wtf does that mean?’ ‘when did I forget how to use punctuation?’) are less interesting to other people than they are to me, I’m going to talk about gardening stuff instead.

Poking around at the plants this arvo I met an extraordinary creature. Check him out!

A giant!

Giant caterpillar! Look at his cute feet:

But I didn’t want him eating my happily-growing creeper with the pretty flowers. So off he goes.

Didn’t want to kill him either, so we was transplanted to the jasmine growing wild in the backyard. He can eat that all he likes.

As it turns out, he is an Australasian Privet Hawk Moth. At least, he will be. Prettier at this stage, I think.


  1. Rabia

    Oh, wow, that’s huge!

    Glad to see you enjoying your gardening. Hopefully I’ll get some garden action soon, too. 😀

  2. Joanne

    I am, very much. It’s nice to get away from the desk and out into the sun and be surrounded by green :)

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