Mar 30

Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol 3!

Via HorrorScope:

After a delay, Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3 (ADFH3) goes on sale in bookstores around the country this week.

This anthology is the third installment in the annual dark fiction anthology edited by Angela Challis and published by Brimstone Press.

The table of contents is:

  • “Subtle Invasion” by David Conyers (Australian Shadows Award nominee)
  • “The Dark and What It” by Said Rick Kennett (Ditmar Award winner)
  • “Between the Memories” by Matthew Chrulew (Australian Shadows Award nominee)
  • “The Wildflowers” by Marty Young
  • “The Jeweller of Second-hand Roe” by Anna Tambour (Aurealis Award winner)
  • “A Scar for Leida” by Deborah Biancotti (Aurealis Award winner)
  • “Special Perceptions” by Richard Harland (Australian Shadows Award nominee)
  • “Dead Air” by Gary Kemble
  • “There Was Darkness” by Martin Livings (Australian Shadows Award nominee)
  • “The Ringing Sound of Death on the Water Tank” by Stephanie Campisi
  • “Trail of Dead” by Joanne Anderton
  • “Kadimakara and Curlew” by Jason Nahrung
  • “Lion’s Breath” by Miranda Siemienowicz
  • “The Cutting Room” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • “Signs of Death” by Sean Williams
  • I can’t wait to see it. And Oh My! look at that TOC. I feel humbled and excited to be in there.


    1. Rabia

      Congrats! 😀

    2. j-a brock

      cor blimey, jo! you are amongst aus spec fic royalty there, you know. well done! i will be spending more $s at the bookstore obviously.

    3. Joanne

      Thanks guys! :)

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