Mar 30

*expletive deleted*

GodDAMN it!

Doing my usual exercises yesterday aggravated the back, for reasons I do not understand. There was no pop or crunch or twinge, just slow build up of pain and oh boy yay we’re back there again are we?

I’m SO angry at myself for letting this happen! Revision was finished, new story begun and now I can’t sit in this bloody chair for any decent amount of time. At least I can walk properly again today, yesterday I was doing the zombie shuffle.



  1. j-a brock

    so sorry to hear about your back, jo. maybe you should look at getting voice operated software – that way you can write while lying down if you need to. i use it myself, and it’s much easier on the sore parts of your body!

  2. Joanne

    Oh, interesting idea!

    The most frustrating thing though is the amount of work I have been doing to try and control this. But like the physio said, let’s hope this is only a bump in the road, not a step backwards (eek mixing metaphors!)

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