Apr 15

Various updatey things

Hmm, this might not constitute a real post. Ah well, I shall forge ahead regardless.

Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 3 is out and on its way… but I haven’t seen it yet *SIGHS loudly in the direction of Australia Post and hopes they hear it*

At this stage I think it’s safe to announce that my short story ‘Shadow of Drought’ (which I will forever think of as ‘Creepy Statue Story’ because it spent so much time without a decent title) will appear in Midnight Echo 2. Yay :)

The 2009 Ditmar Award nominations are now open, to the 4th of May. So, you know, go forth and nominate!

I’m coming to the end of my current short story writing stint. About time to launch into a novel, I think. And yay, I know which one and yay I can’t wait! Just a few more days, a bit of revision, and we’re off!

My back is slowly, slowly improving. Did I mention slowly? Still struggling against one very stubborn and bloody painful spot that does *not* want to loosen up. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I miss my jogging, and want to get back out there and move. Irritating stubborn back!


  1. Graham

    Congratulations on the Creepy Statue Story!

    And on having inspiration for a new novel.

    Commiserations on the back thing.

  2. Miquela

    Congrats on the short story sale/appearance!

    I hope your back gets back to normal soon.

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