May 03

Progress, and a review

Novel progress is happening, sadly not at the rate I would like, but still happening. I blame early chapter teething-problems, and Monday’s migraine from hell. I seem to have sorted out the world-building and plot kinks, and a quick reread over the first two chapters proved they weren’t as bad as I’d thought. First drafty, yes, but they actually make a kind of sense. So that’s progress. The less said about the migraine, the better.

Moving on :)

There’s a very strong review of Masques up at Specusphere. Doesn’t surprise me, cuz it’s a great anthology! And I feel the need to quote, because this totally made my morning:

Death Masque by Joanne Anderton is a stunning descent into dark decay and the grisly madness of eternity. Penned with a decadent flourish in every sentence, Anderton’s story can only be termed a bizarre masterpiece. There is a relentless cruelty and obvious emotional despair that bleeds through the page as Henry joins his dead wife Christine at a gruesome final masque, haunted by the unanswerable question of whether to let his son Will die, or set him to dance forever in a different sort of death. Populated with vivid craftsmen, dolls and other garish undead characters, Anderton’s story is a chaotic and beautiful fairy tale with a patina of gangrene.

Excuse me while I go and squee! myself to death in the corner over there…


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  1. Miquela

    Woot! What a terrific review. Congratulations.

  2. Rabia

    *joins the squee-fest*


  3. Graham

    And very much deserved! Congratulations.

    I suppose you saw the review I got in the same set? I think I’ll go squee myself to death too – but not in a good way.

  4. j-a brock

    great review, jo! excuse me while i go ‘squee’. and why is it we never write as fast as we’d like? because it’s EXHAUSTING, that’s why! but just keep plugging away – something’s better than nothing.

  5. Alissa Anderton

    Hi Jo! Remember me?? I was just searching around on the net thinking to find some agent information and stumbled across this site! I had no idea how much you have written. What a great reveiw. Anyway, hope your novel behaves and allows you to progress at the rate you hope.

  6. Joanne

    Alissa! Of course I do. I’m thrilled you found me here. Hope you stay :)

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