May 15

Money = Books

Payment from Midnight Echo 2 has just come in and I’ve already spent it on New Ceres Nights. I proofread a lot of these stories so I know just how fantastic they are. Can’t wait to get a hold of it!

The weekend is finally upon us! And that means writing time. Also, short story revising time. And critting time. And gardening course time.

…where do I think all this time is coming from?


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  1. j-a brock

    man, you are busy! hope you have a lovely weekend, though, and get some resting time in too. good luck with the writing.

  2. Joanne

    Resting time! New I forgot something :)

  3. Rabia

    Hey, are you stealing that time from me? ‘Cause I keep running out of time long before I really should. *frown*


  4. Joanne

    Oh no! Not enough time to go around 😀

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