Sep 20


Well, there we go, first draft done.

Just over 113,000 words in the end. This will grow in the next draft, and probably significantly. This draft suffers from a terrible lack of description. Even I don’t know what a few of the characters look like. And there are at least two vitally important plot points that I didn’t come up with until the end, and they need to be slotted into the beginning.

But that’s okay, because first drafts can suck.

I have more to say, but not tonight. Churned out 7k today. I need to get the hell off this chair.


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  1. Rabia


    See, I knew there was a reason (besides the book I’m reading) that I didn’t log in to chat last night. Without me distracting you, see how many words you got!

    *happy dance of joy*

  2. Janette

    Dude! 7K in one day?? *collapses with vicarious exhaustion*

  3. Joanne

    Thanks Rabia! Nah, I like having a writing buddy! You would have saved me from angst. As it was I was forced to resort to junk food and vacuuming to get me through it.

  4. Joanne

    Thanks Janette! I was at the point where I just had to keep going and finish it. Amazing how much you can produce when you get in that head space :)

  5. Graham

    Outstanding! Such a great feeling to finish that first draft. How I envy you that.

  6. terry

    7K….. did I get that right?….7K in a day! Somebody throw a net over that lady!

    Congrats, Joanne. I love hearing about all of our steps in the road, keeps us all from feeling all alone.

    Look, I’ve had a think about it and someone needs to sit down and have a glass of red with you after that effort. I’ll do mine tonight – and just to make sure we share at least one night in common I shall repeat the process over many, many…many…nights.
    Just thinking of you, mate.


  7. Joanne

    Thanks Graham and Terry! And mate, a glass of red wine sounds fantastic :)

  8. j-a brock

    woohoo! well done on the 7k – am speechless! ok, you’ve inspired me – back to the grindstone i go.

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