Sep 21

Junk food and good writing buddies

Is it really worth analyzing the writing of this novel draft any more than I’ve already done? I have angsted like an angsty thing about it. Hell, it even led to the creation of a ‘Writerly Angst’ category.

So, you know what? No more angst.

Instead, one of the positive things this draft taught me — well, not taught exactly… reinforced — is just how amazing my writing buddies are. For all the angst (see above) these are people who are willing to listen to you rant ridiculous, and who support you, who hold your hand and nod and actually DO understand. I can only hope I do the same for them.

Here’s to you guys *raises a glass of red wine* (great idea Terry!)

Oh, and one more lesson! If you’re in the middle of a marathon writing day and your body tells you ‘I want junk food’ just do it. Trust me. It’s not worth arguing. Even if that junk food involves (in this order) a chicken burger, chips, donuts, pizza and chocolate.

Just don’t then try and run for 2.4k. That’s a lesson in itself.


  1. Alissa Anderton

    Thanks Jo for the advice…. You are a great teacher – I can now say to Dave, “but Jo said I could have Pizza and chocolate for dinner… see” *waving hand at computer*.
    Congrats BTW on finishing! I’m having trouble with my final scene…. I know what needs to be said and who has to do the saying to who – but do you think I can get them in the same room together!!!

  2. Rabia

    Mmmm, junk food!

    Unfortunately, it’s too early in this draft to break out the junk food. When I’m on my last 20K. 😀

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