Sep 27

And now for something completely different!

A while ago I blogged about writing real life characters instead of my usual make-believe, and just how difficult I found it. Well, all that hard work has paid off! I’m very very excited to say my auto-biographical piece, titled ‘A little courage’, will be published in Out of the Frying Pan: Bittersweet Tales of Stumbling into Adulthood by Finch Publishing. Scheduled for release in April 2010.

What is my chapter about? Well, it’s the story of my husband and I, meeting as kids, growing up together, and finding the courage to tell each other how we really felt.

So yay! However much I love my genre, writing this piece has involved stretching an entirely different set of writing muscles, and I’m very glad I gave it a go.

Thanks Marianne for mentioning this opportunity to me!


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  1. Janette

    Excellent news- congratulations! And sounds like my fave kind of story – romance & happy ending :-)

  2. Joanne

    Thanks Janette :)

  3. Graham

    Great news. I’d read it, only it would seem like peeping.

  4. Joanne

    Yeah, there’s a part of me that’s slightly weirded out by the idea of our story going out into the world to be read. Easier when the characters aren’t real people. But it’s a good story (well, I hope!) and I hope it will resonate with some readers. :)

  5. Rabia

    Wooo! I have to wait till 2010 to read it??

  6. Miquela

    Congratulations! Especially on writing outside your comfort zone.

  7. Joanne

    Rabia: You know, 2010 isn’t that far away O.O

    Miqu: Thank you!! :)

  8. j-a brock

    sounds great, jo, looking forward to reading that one. you’re just going from strength to strength – onward and upward!

  9. terry

    Gutsy, stuff, Jo. I know we all put a bit of ourselves into a character but you have bared a bit more than the usual in this piece. Congratulations on doing the brave and artistic thing. Rare in a world of facades.

  10. Dad

    Good work Jo. More please (interesting non-horror/fantasy). Whatever happened to that first story you wrote about a baby Cheetah in 1985??


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