Nov 01

Shadow of Drought review

Midnight Echo #2 has been reviewed very positively over at the Specusphere, Shadow of Drought included:

Through many of the stories, there is a distinctive Australian feel, which will definitely draw some uneasy parallels to personal experiences for any Aussies who have ever ventured past their front door, particularly in Joanne Anderton’s “Shadow of Drought” for anyone who has travelled beyond the city limits. This story brought back vivid memories of visits to the drought-stricken countryside, and then took them several steps further.

I like this description!


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  1. Graham

    Well done! It must have been so good the reviewer forgave you for using such a dreadful pun in the title! 😉

  2. Joanne


  3. Rabia



  4. Alissa Anderton

    Hey Jo!
    Would still love to read some of your work!!!

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