Nov 11

Midnight Echo 3… coming soon!

Midnight Echo 3 is nearly here and looks suitably creepylicious! Can’t wait to see it.

In other news, I’ve had a minor back injury relapse. Not so bad I can’t sit and type, but bad enough to stop me sleeping soundly. Physio tortured me for a while today and hopefully we have caught it before it gets any worse!

In other, other news: novel revision started, then promptly stopped when I realised the first chapter was all wrong. So I wrote a short story and a half instead. But now I don’t know what happens next after that ‘half’ so it’s back to novel revisions.

If this sounds scattered it’s probably because that’s how I feel. Husband finishes college in a few weeks and we are going to take a short break away. We’re both feeling the crazies and can’t wait for a few days of doing nothing but bushwalking, beach swimming and reading reading reading!

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