Nov 14

Another review!

Another review for Midnight Echo 2 and Shadow of Drought over at Horrorscope.

There are several clear standout stories in this issue, the first of which is Shadow of Drought by Joanne Anderton. Firmly grounded in the Australian landscape, the reality of drought gives this story a particular impact and makes the creepy events occurring feel even more vivid. This one will stay with you, and haunt you the next time you leave the city.


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  1. Trost

    Hi Joanne, I couldn’t agree more with the review, your tale creates a creepy atmosphere (I think any Aussie finds droughts very scary to start with) and stays with the reader long after the final sentence.

  2. Joanne

    Hey Trost,

    Thanks mate! ME2 is just so full of creepy story goodness, it’s fantastic to be in such company :)

  3. Damien

    Hi Joanne,

    I made mention of your story in another review over in Specusphere if you’re interested. Brought back some vivid (but slightly different) memories on the relatives’ farm.


  4. Joanne

    Hi Damien,
    Thank you, I’m really excited to read that! A lot of the inspiration for this story did come from the small country town close to my parents’ property in north west NSW. That and a creepy statue :)

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