Nov 21

Maybe we should just knock the whole thing down?

If this novel draft is a house, then this revision is the kind of renovation where the only thing that stays the same are the numbers out the front.

Eeek, I know, analogy torture.

I’ve come to the weighty decision that the structure of the entire beginning is wrong. Time to cut, rearrange, paste then smooth over the lot. Lick of paint, some accessories to add colour and and there you have it, a brand new beginning.

Have a feeling this will happen throughout this revision process. And that’s ok, right? That’s what a revision is, a new way of looking at the book, a better book hiding underneath all that first draft rubble.

But if that’s the case then the ending is probably in the wrong place too…

EDIT: wait, now I’m not so sure. Darn, where’s the manual for this thing?!


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  1. Rabia

    Ugh, I love the confidence of first draft writing–“I’ll fix it later”–but revising is such a time of doubt, uncertainty and second-guessing. *hugs*

    (Sorry, I haven’t been around much. I feel loads better today, so I’ll be on tonight. Hope to see you!).

  2. Graham

    Wow, the fortitude of the woman! I’ve abandoned first drafts completely for less than this! I just cannot face rewrites. I’d rather start fresh on something new.

  3. Joanne

    I find rewrites painful, yet addictive at the same time!

  4. j-a brock

    i had a similar experience with my first book, when i realised that it wasn’t the first book in the trilogy and i had to write another book from scratch! it’s a bit annoying, but worth it in the end cos it’s probably what’s needed. when you’ve done it, you’ll be happier.

  5. Alissa Anderton

    Someone once said…. (may have been stephen king… but possibly someone completely different) that many times they have written an entire novel, then reread it, threw it out, and wrote the whole thing again from scratch…. because so many times at the start you just don’t know what your characters are going to do to stuff you up along the way!So if all you need is a renovation… at least you know you’re in good company!!

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