Nov 30

Small steps

I need to remember that I can’t fix everything in this book in one go, and that I won’t even get a clear picture of the overall structure until I read the whole thing! Got to stop pulling my hair out over everything, calm down, and take it one step at a time.

Much to be said for small steps.


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  1. Graham

    Hmmm. Small steps to the big picture. Right. Got it.


  2. Janette

    Please stop pulling hair out immediately. It will only need vacuuming up eventually, and there’s ANOTHER twenty minutes out of your writing/revision time…


  3. j-a brock

    OH NO! you mean this happens in the SECOND draft as well? dammit, i thought it was all over.

  4. Luke Keioskie

    Hey Jo, just wanted to say congrats on the Aurealis nomination and the Stoker nomination – you go girl! Well done, and all my fingers are crossed for you.

    Keep watching the shadows,


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