Dec 27

And we’re back!

Ahh, the internet. How I missed you.

Sadly, a month or so ago my dear laptop decided it didn’t want to talk to the great wide world anymore. Hence the silence. Of course, it picked a great time to have this hissy fit — just when I had flights to book, Xmas presents to buy and news to post! Poor little lappy.

So my wonderful husband decided to fix the issue… with a mac mini for Xmas! Thanks to him, here I am, chatting to you all from my spiffy new mac! How did I ever work on a PC before??

And even though this is old news I can finally say: ‘Dragon Bones‘ has been shortlisted for an Aurealis Award! ‘Best Young Adult Short Story’. I will be heading up to Brissy for the Awards night. Never been shortlisted for anything before so I’m very excited and hoping to have a great time.

Phew! I’ve been wanting to say that for ages. But it’s difficult when the only internet time you can find are a few moments at work.

Right, now I’m going to head back to the couch, where I can lie down and try to digest some of the enormous amount of Xmas food I have consumed in the past few days. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!


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  1. Miquela

    Nice! you’ll never go back to PC now.

    And hooray for the shortlist!

  2. Joanne

    I know, I have been converted! :)

  3. Janette

    Woohoo!!! Ain’t Mac the best???

    I finally got back to the Mac in July after a too-long affaire with PCs. It’s just bliss – especially now I treated myself to an iPhone too… SUCH a geek.

  4. j-a brock

    THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING NEWS, JOANNE (the shortlisting for aurealis, not the mac, although that’s good too in its own way but not as exciting). i will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Joanne

    Thanks guys! (and yeah I’m very excited about the mac too :p )

  6. terry

    Well done on the shortlist! Please, please blog about the ceremony – I’d love to know what it feels like!

    And the Mac,ah – we are not worthy, we are not worthy. keep that man.

    best wishes, mate,

  7. Joanne

    Thanks Terry! I will blog about the ceremony, definitely. Looking forward to it!

    Heh, yeah, I rather like him too 😀

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