Jan 11


It’s only the very beginning of 2010 and already it’s a super-busy year. Apart from working myself silly with revisions (and a new book idea has popped up AND a short story… down ideas! Sit! Stay!) we spent the weekend up in the Hunter Valley for my younger brother’s wedding. So yeah, it’s been a nice kind of busy.

The weekend was beautiful. Lovely weather — if a little hot on a nearly 40 degree day in a small chapel without aircon — beautiful venue. The bride and groom both looked stunning and so happy. Caught up with lots of family and a few old friends. Drank a little too much wine. Managed to squeeze in a massage at the spa in the hotel.

Altogether lovely.

And now, I have to sit my butt in this chair and get back to revisions!


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  1. Rabia

    Oh, lovely! I’m glad you’re back. I’d love to see some pictures of your weekend.:)

  2. j-a brock

    well done on the ideas! your brain must be firing. obviously busy suits you!

  3. Joanne

    Well yes, ideas are good, but I wish they were more orderly! They should come only when I have the time to write them *dreams on* :p

  4. Alissa Anderton

    Yay! Congrats to Paul… I didn’t even know he was getting married!!

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