Jan 12

Odds and ends and melting

Urk, it’s too hot tonight. Of course, this is nothing compared to what others have been putting up with. But still. Hot.

Melting inhibits the revision so instead, I’ll chat about some odds and ends!

First, and very exciting, is that the ToC for Worlds Next Door has been announced and my short story, ‘Graffiti’ is in there! This story was inspired by an old house near Centennial Park that a friend and I inspected. Of course, we had no hope of buying it, but the place was terribly rundown and deliciously creepy. Thankfully the new owners haven’t knocked it down and seem to be repairing it — it must have been beautiful in its day and hopefully will be again!

But why so exciting? Well, because I love what Twelfth Planet Press has been producing and it’s great to be working with them. And then there’s the ToC itself, what amazing company to be in! And last, but not least, because my husband has done the artwork to accompany the story! Which I also love (lots of love in this post isn’t there…) but that probably goes without saying.

See! Fun and exciting all round.

Second is a review of ‘Albatross Ghosts’ at Tangent Online. I particularly love:

I would encourage Anderton to apply her talent to riskier projects. She has a nice touch with foreshadowing and with other sorts of innuendo and would do well by expanding to more creative storylines.

I feel inspired by that, challenged. This bravado will probably only last until the next rejection but hey, might as well enjoy it while I can :)


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  1. j-a brock

    woo hoo! you know you’re a real live writer when you can post about a review. onwards and upwards.

  2. Graham Storrs

    “… a nice touch with … innuendo …”?

    Makes me thuink of Frankie Howerd (“Oooo, er!”)

    Didn’t know that hubby was an illustrator. Why aren’t you doing graphic novels together? I just finished reading one by Neil Gaiman (and a variety of illustrators) which was very, very boring, but must have been great fun to write.

  3. Joanne

    We’re hoping to one day do graphic novels and kids books together. Trying to establish names and careers first though… :)

  4. Rabia

    Very cool!

    You two will make such an awesome creative team! Way to go. :)

  5. Joanne

    Thanks! I think so too, although we do have a slightly different work ethic :) I work myself into a stupor, but G believes in building up to the work. You know, by playing video games.

    Maybe we can learn to balance!

  6. Rabia

    well, you certainly complement each other. 😉

  7. Joanne

    LOL that’s one way of looking at it… :p

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