Jan 14

On middles and muddles and big bad scissors

Well, I just passed the half-way point in this revision and sure enough the middle is as big a muddle as I’d feared. Tonight, I sat down and worked out what wasn’t working and how I could fix it. Then I cut 9000 words, give or take a few.

But you know what, that’s ok. Because I will streamline the plot, ratchet up the tension, throw in some conflict for good measure and this will be a much better draft for it!

I think I’m starting to get better at identifying places that need work, and I’m certainly less forgiving when they aren’t up to scratch. I’m going to take this as a good sign, despite the crazy-makings.

I’m hoping that I will have this whole section re-written by the end of the weekend O.O

Maybe I should go and get some sleep, you know, so I have half a chance…


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  1. j-a brock

    it’s also good cos not only did you see what was wrong, but how to fix it as well! WOOHOO!

  2. Joanne

    Well, I THINK I know how to fix it… :)

  3. Rabia

    *nod* It might be a pain, but each pass teaches me so much more about the whole revision process. Here’s hoping it will get easier every time!

  4. Joanne

    Definitely. I’m hoping that too :)

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