Jan 26

Back from the Aurealis Awards

Sadly, ‘Dragon Bones’ did not win. But regardless, I had a fantastic time. This was my first AA ceremony and what fun it was! The organisers put together a wonderful audio-visual display and read excerpts from some older Aussie spec-fic novels and stories in between each┬ácategory. All-round an inspiring showcase of Aussie spec-fic awesomeness.

The post-award cocktail party was a blast. Of course, it was also very hot and stuffy – full of bodies – and got a little difficult to hear at some stages. Met new friends (waves to Sarah, Jane and Tim) and caught up with some old.

And here’s a couple of photos (stolen from Cat Sparks, I should add!)

(Donna Hanson, me, Trudi Canavan & Nicole Murphy)

(me, Sarah and Jenny)

Came home Sunday evening feeling exhausted but inspired. This is what I love about these kind of events – book launches, workshops and cons are the same. There is so much energy in a room full of people who all write, read and love spec fic that it’s infectious. It recharges the ‘I love doing this!’ batteries.

And yay for that.


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  1. Rabia

    How lovely you look! I’m glad you had such a good time. :)

  2. j-a brock

    hey, your hair looks great long, jo! and very writerly.

  3. Joanne

    *blushes* thanks guys :)

  4. Terry

    It’s about time I commented on your blog! All I can say about the awards is – you wuz robbed! (I am a loyal Orbiteer)

    Congratulations on getting onto the list for consideration, yet another step in your pathway. Lead on, the rest of us will be along soon….


  5. Joanne

    Thanks loyal Orbiteer!

    Yeah, I’m still pleased about being shortlisted :)

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