Feb 22

Stick a fork in this draft, it’s done

Draft the second is officially DONE. Completed. OVER.

New word count comes in at 116,600 up from 113,100. But, the most telling part? I cut (ready for this?) almost 20,000 words of crap. So that means that I also wrote 23,000 new words of not crap. Oh, how I hope they’re not crap.

This is actually a good thing. Right at the moment I am so hot and so tired and have too-much-computer-screen eyes, so it’s getting a little difficult to look on the bright side, but I know there is one. Most of what I changed in this draft was from a very messy middle section. I revealed a few secrets that I had initially planned to reveal in the next book, and I think that has added a whole heap of extra conflict and some new, interesting dynamics. Also sliced out a whole plot point that made very little sense. Yeah, it’s not perfect yet. Beginning needs some more work. Ending too. But this is a stronger, tighter book. I’m certain of it.

I just need a few days away from it now.

So, the plan? I’m going to relax for a few days and catch up on some beta-reading. Then, I think I will reread Debris before I launch into draft the third, you know, just to touch base with the plot and the tone of the first book to ensure Suited is consistent. Then I’ll roll up my sleeves, sharpen the scissors again, and get back into it!

(Also, yeah, I know I haven’t blogged in almost a month. But… revisions… but… yeah, no excuse. Even my husband has told me that’s not good enough. Guess I need to touch base with the outside world too while I’m at it! And submit some short stories! GAK)


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  1. Rabia

    Woohoo! *dance*

    I hope to see Debris land in my Inbox soon. 😀

  2. Graham Storrs

    Hi from the outside world! Or wherever I am at the moment. Between round-the-world Twitter tours, the post-launch blog tour, tax and copyright admin, and trying to finish my current WIP, I’m sort of all over the place.

    A tip Bernadette gave me for doing the kind of read-through you’re about to start (remember Bernadette?) was to print the whole thing out and read it end-to-end on paper. I think it actually helps. Her argument was that it simulates the eventual reader’s experience – which is pretty ironic, considering TimeSplash is out in electronic edition *only* :-)

    Anyway, have a nice break from revising.

  3. Janette

    Congrats for the awesome profit/loss word count, nice return on investment (oh wait, can you tell I’ve been neck deep in finance crap??).

    I second Graham’s suggestion but AFTER a respectable time has passed. Got the same advice from Andrea Goldsmith in a novel-writing workshop 2 years ago, and it got me from I HATE MY WIP AND EVERY WORD I’VE EVER WRITTEN… to being in love with the ms again. Not that it was perfect, not by a long shot. But I could see the potential!

    (Just realised I may have confirmed all those stereotypes of women who fall in love with men so they can fix them, LOL!!! – Seriously guys, not this little black duck!)

    Have a solid break (whatever that means in your world – time or different activities, etc) and don’t go back until you’re ready to dive right in. Enjoy :-)

  4. Joanne

    Thanks for your thoughts guys! I will do a printed on actual paper revision, but not yet. I need to make sure the structure and the plot are working, and that means I need a format where I can cut and rearrange whole scenes/chapters if necessary. Printed revision will come in another 1 or 2 drafts :) There is method to my madness I assure you!

  5. j-a brock

    well done, Jo! that’s wonderful. like janette, i also recommend a break. of several weeks, if you can – it’s amazing how much you find when you come to it really fresh.

  6. Joanne

    Thanks j-a :) Not quite ready for a decent break. Still too much of the story and what I think needs work buzzing around in my head. Soon it’ll go to beta-readers though and then THEN I’ll get my break from it! Of course, I’ll have to start book 3 too…

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