Feb 23

Out of the Frying Pan!

Found a lovely surprise on my doorstep this morning: my author copy of Out of the Frying Pan! The pub date is April so I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon. It’s such a great looking book and the stories are amazing. Was flicking through it this afternoon and before I knew it I’d already read two of them.

Can’t find it on the publisher’s website yet, so in lieu of a link I give you ‘Navi, passing her judgement on the book’. But don’t listen to her, she disapproves of everything.

Navi book


  1. Rabia

    Look at that bright cover! 😀

    Will it be available on Amazon?

  2. Joanne

    Hmm, I don’t know. It depends on the distributor. I’ve found it on a few sites in Australia, but can’t see it on Amazon (yet?)

  3. Shae

    Hi Rabia and Joanne,

    You can purchase Out of the Frying Pan by Andrew & Ben Whitehouse in bookstores nationally or online at http://www.finch.com.au.



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