Mar 01

And we’re back at it!

That was a lovely break, wasn’t it?

Yesterday I went through my notes for this series, right from the research I did at the very beginning. I wanted to make sure that things were still on track, that even though the story has changed a lot from those preliminary ideas I am still maintaining the integrity of the characters and the world and the magic-system. You know, I wanted to make sure everything still made sense! It’s really interesting, looking back at what I thought these books would be and what they have become. I’m pleased that the basics have carried through and I much prefer what the story is now to what my original notes looked like.

Now I’m about to start a run-through of Debris. I already have a few notes, things to look out for, change and add into Suited, but I want to read through the first book just in case I’ve changed something, or forgotten someone along the way.

Fascinating, isn’t it? 😉

In other news I went for a bike ride yesterday! The back seems to be holding up well. I’m aware of it today, but it just feels a bit tired, not injury-sore. I’ve been good with my stretches and exercises, and careful not to sit here at the desk for too long without a break. Here’s hoping it will continue to improve!


  1. j-a brock

    swimming is also good for your back, if you have a pool within easy distance. glad to hear you’re taking good care of yourself!

  2. Joanne

    Oh yes, swimming is the best exercise for my back. However, I find it terribly dull :p if I’m jogging I can take the dog, listen to music or a podcast, or chat to the husband. Swimming is just up the pool, down the pool, up the pool… *yawn*

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