Mar 15

Dealing with it

How do writers deal with depressing news? I dunno about other writers but this one:

  • Drinks of a lot of wine
  • Takes a few days off to hang out with friends and husband (people well skilled in the art of ‘making you feel better’)
  • Makes two delicious varieties of home made pesto, from the forest of home grown herbs gifted by said friends
  • Goes to a heavy metal concert

and finally…

  • Gets back to work

Any other writers out there got some good tips?


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  1. Graham Storrs

    No, that sounds about right.

  2. Janette

    I would only add one item to the list – watch a couple of favourite feelgood movies. My personal best for these are Hairspray, Without a Clue, Princess Bride and Enchanted April. Or something loud, with monsters. And a plentiful supply of GOOD QUALITY chocolate helps. (None of your easter egg rubbish, blech)


  3. j-a brock

    oh no! sorry you had depressing writerly news. agree with janette on the chocolate! lots of it. in fact, think i’ll partake right now …

  4. Joanne

    Thanks you guys!

    I think I can add a new point:

    * Blogs about depressing news and feels much MUCH better thanks to wonderful sympathetic friends :)

  5. Rabia

    I used to do the rant and rave and drowning my sorrows, but now I expect to be rejected–or if not outright rejected, the other shoe to drop (because it really is too good to be true). I think I’ve just become emotionally numb to it all. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, though…

  6. Joanne

    Yeah, normally I’m quite good at that. But this time… :p

  7. Alissa Anderton

    Hmm… well following on from the last post I just commented on …

    I always end up writing about it… taking out all my sorrow and anger on the page in front of me and creating fiction out of it…

    “Oh I feel crap about that… well here you go MC, you can feel crap about it too… see how you like it…”

    Usually they end up dealing with it brilliantly (as in, relinquishing all inhbitions and fear, completely not caring for their own life, and following that nasty ghoul who is bound to bite their head off at the very first chance into a deserted alleyway or sewer!) and then I feel better… LOL!

  8. Joanne

    So, we could all learn from our MCs? 😉

    But yeah, I know what you mean. Writing can be very therapeutic! Also a fun distraction from Real Life stuff.

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