May 10

The Great Nundle Dog race!

So I put the novel aside a few weeks ago to work on that sudden, urgent project. Kept it aside last weekend because G, Gully (the dog) and I drove up to mum and dad’s place to participate in the Great Nundle Dog race!

The dog race!

The Great Nundle Dog race started out as a bet between farmers, to see which of their working dogs was the fastest. It has now become a hilarious annual event, where dogs from all over the state race each other. So this year, we thought Gully should have a go!

Here he is, roaming in the long grass at mum and dad’s place:

Gully in the grass

He had The. Best. Time. Ever! Even before he got to run around with hundreds of other puppies he found cows to bark at, sniffs to sniff, and he was even allowed to sleep inside (a treat, because he never gets to do that at home). Here we are, enjoying the countryside together:

Gully and me, sitting

Gully and me

Gully also proved that he is not a racing dog. He doesn’t have the competitive spirit :) The race involved G holding onto Gully at one end of the Nundle sports ground, and me standing at the other, calling him. We had practiced this during our evening walks, and he was good at it then. BUT, surround him with other dogs and their owners, all calling and waving and barking and he got very, very confused. This is what happened:

Yep, he went backwards. He totally lost sight of me, got very upset, turned around and threw himself right into G’s waiting arms. Ah well. Here he is, after his big race:

Gully after the race

So, not the most successful race ever, at least not by your more traditional definitions. But it was great fun! G and I have been tossing around some ideas (and he has been scribbling preliminary sketches) for a illustrated story about the great race. It’ll be fun to see what happens with that.

So, after all these adventures, it really is time to pick up the novel again. Except a short story snuck it’s way in while the novel was aside and demanded I write it. I haven’t had any short story ideas for ages, so I let it push in line. Involves some fun research too. And that’s always good.


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  1. Rabia

    Aw. In Gully’s defense, I’d be running for safety too, in that mob! Next time, you should train him the parking lot of a school at dismissal time, or in a mall around Christmastime. 😀

    Aw, and that picture of writer with dog is very cute!

  2. Joanne

    Oh dear, the chaos that would create!

    And which picture? The one with the ‘why are you taking a photo of me’ expression? Or the one I cropped because G is in the background taking photos of random blades of grass… 😉

  3. j-a brock

    ha! love how gully just chills out after his big race, like it was all part of his plan. have to say, though, that photo of you kneeling with him – he doesn’t half look like he adores you!

  4. Joanne

    Yeah, he’s my little boy. He’s very boy dog – loves girls, is very submissive around older men, but totally ignores younger guys. He’s got this pack order worked out in his head and refuses to change it :)

  5. Rabia

    The one with you and Gully posed in the grasses. :)

    Are you going to enter the Great Race next year?

  6. Joanne

    We’re not sure about next year. Mum wants us all to go – G, me and Gully + brother, his wife and their dog. But we’ll see how that goes :) I’d be happy to, had a great time!

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