Jul 20

I got your ragnarök right here

Behold, the end of the world:

Navi Cone

Navi has a skin irritation, poor thing. Luckily for us, she’s out of the cone now. Sadly, we are still all doomed to feel her wrath.

Navi Cone 2

The vet thinks it’s an allergic reaction to something in her food. So she has to eat The Most Boring Food Ever for six weeks to see if it helps. She is not pleased about this. She is also not pleased that Chessie hates the cone and tried to attack it, with Navi still inside. And to add insult to injury Chessie really wants to eat The Most Boring Food Ever, instead of the yummy normal food Navi would kill for (and actually might kill, the way things are going).

Ah well, it was a nice life while it lasted…

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  1. Rabia

    Actually, I think she looks pretty regal in that collar, like Queen Elizabeth the First. You might not want to tell her that, because it might further her delusions of royalty. Her Majesty might demand an end to the Most Boring Food Ever. :)

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