Jul 29

It’s kinda like playing dress-ups, except you can do it in your pjs and it drives you mad

I have taken this week off work to finish Unbound. The ending is kicking my arse and I seem to be oscillating between book-love and book-hate, like, three times in the past fifteen minutes. Also learning that pretending to be a full-time writer ain’t all fun and kittens and sparkle. Spending all day with invisible people and cranky cats makes for the crazy. Especially when it’s raining ALL DAY and even the dog doesn’t want to go out for a walk. Plus I think I’m drinking too much tea and eating too many delicious south american fried treats.

Husband will be home tomorrow, so at least we can go mad together. And hopefully I’ll smack some kind of plot out of the words I put down today. Then put down more. Then peer out at the real world and cackle inanely.


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