Aug 14

Breathtaker in ASIM #44

My copy of ASIM #44 arrived the other day. Due to an unfortunate post office incident it looked like it had travelled all around the country, and the envelope gained stamps and scribbles every step of the way. But, apart from being bent and shoved into my mail box, the actual mag came through its little adventure in pretty good nick.

So yay for that. Breathtaker looks very nice in print, as does Kathleen’s artwork.

I’m actually very excited about this. If you can’t tell then it’s probably due to a lack of sleep. I have that feeling like there’s a film of something in front of my eyes and everything’s a little blury to look at and even harder to think about. I blame the bloke coming at the crack of dawn for the past three days to repair the balcony. Yes, I’m missing out on my sleep ins, but next time it rains we won’t get leaks coming through to the downstairs loungeroom. And that’s a good thing. The cats, who have been locked in a downstairs bedroom for the past three days, are NOT impressed. Not at all. Which is why I don’t have a photo of Navi with the issue of ASIM. I just don’t trust her…

So, apart from the builders (and their LOUD sport-related radio), and ASIM, I’ve been working on a few short stories. Revising one, scribbling ideas for another couple. They might be good ideas, or I might just be too tired. Who knows?

Scott Pilgrim tomorrow. Should be good :)

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