Sep 10

Worldcon and strange noises

Worldcon was SO MUCH FUN. Hows that for a con report? You want details? The con hotel was the Hilton South Wharf and far, far fancier than any I could usually afford. The convention centre was huge and full of sff-loving people… my kinda people.

Caught up with too many people to name. But special waves go out to the Orbiteers *waves* and Tehani and Alisa from Fablecroft and Twelfth Planet Press *waves* Marianne de Pierres *hugs* Kaaron Warren, Donna, Sarah… it goes on.

Special mention goes to Ian Tregillis who I have known over the interwebs for ages and finally got to meet face to face. Hardly surprised to discover he is just as lovely in real life, and enjoyed spruiking his book to all who would listen (that’s Bitter Seeds, and you know you want it too!). That’s two down, mate. I’m slowly getting through you guys 😉

I’m afraid I have no photos – didn’t bother taking the camera this time, knew I wouldn’t use it. I never do. But there are millions of Worldcon photos floating around.

After the con the husband and I had a short holiday in Melbourne. The new hotel was… not so fancy. Although our room did look out over a rundown building which was very creepy at night (I’m a horror writer so I like that kinda thing *evil laugh*) We shopped (I bought boots! They are steampunky! With buckles!) and went to the Tim Burton exhibition. We ate pizza in Lygon street, and walked and walked and walked until out feet ached.

Overall, it was a lovely holiday. Greatly needed and appreciated (although probably not by the bank account…)

In fact, I had such a good time I seem to be making strange, tweeting noises…


  1. Rabia

    Did you attend any programming? What was that like?

    Oh, noes! You tweet! 😉

  2. Marianne de Pierres

    *waves back*
    MDP x

  3. Janette

    Woohoo for Worldcon and reunions and EXCITING NEWS and steampunk boots (hm, having frienvy about those…). SO good To see you again! xxx

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