Sep 16

So, it seems my books are REAL books

Or, they will be.

I’m peering through my sore-throat, headache-rattled, icky-feeling haze to point to THIS over at Angry Robot Books.

That’s me they’re talking about. And those are my books.

Debris will be published by Angry Robot Books in 2011, with Suited following in 2012. Wanna say WOOT with me? WOOT!

I’ve been calling these books ‘dark-fantasy/steampunk-ish’. Angry Robot are calling them ‘manga-inspired science fantasy’. You know, I think they are all of the above. I am a great fan of Angry Robot and their books precisely because they publish slipstreamy, weird and wonderful titles. I think they are a perfect home for Debris. And for Tanyana — my long-suffering main character.

So there we go. It’s wonderful (and a little nerve-wracking) to be taking this next step on the whole ‘I wanna be a real writer’ journey. :)

News as exciting as this is almost enough to sooth the angry sore-throat. Almost. I might need chocolate gelato, the couch, and episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender to do that…


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  1. Janette

    WOOT times infinity!!! So so pleased for you, and it’s totally deserved. Can’t wait to get you to sign my copy 😀

  2. Joanne

    Thanks Janette! Couldn’t do it without my Orbiteers!

  3. Rabia




    *throws around lots of glitter confetti*

    *has a party*

    *brings cake*

    *chocolate, of course!*

    I am so happy for you. 😀

  4. Graham

    w00t! w00t! w00t!

    Congratulations on this very well-deserved achievement. A few more announcements like this and I’ll have to start believing that talent and persistence really do lead to success. Who will be the next Orbiteer to make their mark?

    Of course, you realise that by getting a two-book deal straight out the gate you’ve set a new bar for the rest of us :-)

  5. Texanne

    Woo hoo! Rabia hinted at good news and pointed me here. Add my YeeHaw! to the chorus. :)TX

  6. terry

    Put me down for a truckload of WOOTs and a whole bunch of YAY! “Dark Fantasy/Steampunkish”….”manga inspired SF”!!! That is so cool, in fact it is so far beyond cool it may rank as filth (ask your local teenager).

    Great news, Joanne, can’t wait for the books.

  7. Joanne

    Thanks for the WOOTS and the confetti and the YeeHaws! :)

  8. j-a brock


    it all sounds very exciting.

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