Sep 19

Might as well whinge online too

Because I’ve been whinging so much in real life. It’s only fair.

You know when you’re sick, and you get to that stage where being sick is BORING and you just want to do something productive. But as soon as you try, you realise you’re not actually as healthy as you thought you were? Yeah, I’m there now.

And I’m BORED.

I have writing to do. And a dog to wash. And jogging to keep up with. And a day job to go to. And a garden that needs attention. And… And…

*sigh* Back to the couch, with tea and lemon and honey and all my boxes of tissues.

There’s always tomorrow.


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  1. Janette

    Oh sweetie, I SO know how you are feeling!! Being anything less than full capacity is REALLY REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING.

    I plan to launch an online rant of some kind too – if and when I can summon up the energy …

    Take good care (I’m sure you’re also sick of everyone telling you that, but *I* haven’t said it yet, so tough!) and give yourself a break. xxx

  2. Dad

    Hey Kiddo,
    Life is tough. Live with it. Stiffen up! Soldier on!

    In classical Latin: “Nil bastardo carborundum” (translation – don’t let the bastards grind you down). etc etc..



  3. Terry

    Well, I was going to be all sympatheitc and all but then I read your dad’s reply and I feel honour bound by the secret code of DadHood to hold the line. So…er, ahem…*embarrassed cough*….. Caveat Emptor!!!
    Have I got that right? Oh, heck, just get well, mate, I need to read your blog so I get a dose of intelligence into my tiny brain.

  4. Joanne

    Yeah thanks DAD *rolls eyes*

  5. Dad

    Anytime, Jo. 😀



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