Dec 05

Not dead, just busy

That’d be me. What is it about this time of year? It’s like a giant time-sucking black hole has opened up above my house and it’s vacuuming up the rest of the year while I’m sitting here, typing away furiously and otherwise shaking my fist at it.

Whew. Don’t worry, I have coffee and I’m not afraid to drink it.

So, it’s been a busy few weeks. Working on novel revisions. That’s the big time-vacuuming activity at the moment. Husband and I also drove down to Albury. That’s a decent drive, which we managed to make even longer by A) finding lots of nice places to stop along the way, including an organic licorice factory! and B) choosing a very wet weekend to do it. This was all so we could see an exhibition of Goya’s Los Caprichos. And it was worth it, SO very worth it. We both came away feeling inspired (two new story ideas went on the whiteboard when I got home) and we probably scared the normals in the hotel swimming pool that afternoon as we swam and rambled loudly about the artworks and the possibility of a sci-fi horror story based on one of them. As we do.

The day-job has also been packed. It’s catalogue time and that means I get to chase publishers for info and designers for cover images, and then put them all together in an interesting and exciting way. Christmas parties are being planned, and a whole heap of get-togethers that I’ve just had to say no to. Considering I’m already an anti-social crazy cat lady type person, this isn’t too different. But still, I do like to see real people sometimes!

Birthdays are happening left right and centre. At least I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping (at the Oxfam online store!)

Whew, again. Well, I suppose that’s it. I’d better get back to it.

Oh, one last thing, check out day two of the Angry Robot advent calendar!

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