Dec 27

And what have you done?

Recently? Eaten a LOT. Drunk way too MUCH. And enjoyed every minute of it, thank you.

Somehow I felt like I’ve deserved it. The end of the year has been a bit of a battle. Mix up novel revisions with a bout of the flu and a bad back and what else could you call it, really? But I have survived — although the bad back is being its usualĀ recalcitrantĀ self and seems determined to hang around. So, my reward has been food, drink and merriness. And now I get to write some short stories, just for fun.

While I head off to do that, let me present you with the best Christmas present ever. This shirt was given to me by one of my wonderfully supportive work colleagues.

shirt front

In case you can’t read it the front says: “Coming soon from Author Jo: Debris the first thrilling book in the Veiled World Series” (and yes, my current nickname is Author Jo… guess what, I’m still not sick of it!)

shirt back

And the back says: “Angry Robot Books: Are thrilled to present Author Jo in 2011”

Isn’t she sweet :)

I would also like to thank the Navicat for helping me model the shirt there. She’s always a willing and excited participant in such things.


  1. Rabia

    Cool shirt! What an awesome gift.

    Yes, that Navi. Always so helpful and ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, isn’t she?

  2. j-a brock

    what an excellent presie! i must remember that one. looking forward to your book coming out. will it be hard copy only or in e-book too?

  3. j-a brocke

    and can we get a t-shirt?

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