Dec 29

Adventures in research land

Today was a day full of adventure, research and walking. LOTS of walking. Because the new book — still without title and not quite yet ready to be written — is set in Sydney, I decided some Sydney-based research was in order. After all, I want a good clear picture of what the post-apocalyptic version of my home town will look like. So I roped in a good friend of mine to join me, and my camera, in a day trip around the city.

And boy, did we choose a good day. The harbour was stunning.

And there were tourist-type attractions in the background, sometimes.

And there were boats.

Look at the pretty streets in dappled sunlight.

And small laneways down at the Rocks with the bridge in the background and poor unsuspecting pedestrians.

Oh and a creepy face… I mean, Luna Park. And more boats.

Another laneway, looking very old-school Sydneytown there.

And finally the Sydney Harbour Bridge, being all artistic, you know.

Now, try to imagine a dark, ruinous, post-apocalyptic┬áversion of all those beautiful sun-drenched images and we’re half way there!

We took a break from the sun in the middle of the day to do some post-Christmas (not to be mistaken for post-apocalyptic) shopping. But all we came away with was a pair of shorts. *sigh* My shopping-fu has been greatly weakened by budget constraints, I fear.

But still, research and adventures were had. And walking. Did I mention the walking? (my feet hurt)


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  1. Rabia

    Oooh, I’m so excited about this story! *bounce*

  2. Joanne

    YAY! *also bounces*

    Getting closer and closer to starting it :p

  3. j-a brocke

    Way cool research, Jo! Good luck with the new story.

  4. Ian

    Wow! Great photos! They make me wish I were back in Sydney right now. It is 5 degrees outside as I type this (er, about -15C?).

    Happy New Year! (Old news for you, but 2011 is still a few hours away for me as I type this :-)

  5. Joanne

    Hi Ian! I wish you were here too (where it’s never that cold!)

    Happy New Year!!

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