Jan 22

Belated story news

Well, I’m back. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days. However, I returned from no internet access to very slow internet access. There will be a proper writing-retreat related post soon, maybe tomorrow, but it will require more patience than I have now. It just took me all night to upload four photos. *sigh*

But I thought I should note that while I was away two of my stories made good out there in the big wide world.

“The Sea at Night” will be in Ticonderoga Publications’s vampire anthology Dead Red Heart. It’s a story about vampires on Maroubra Beach. Obviously. Dead Red Heart will be coming out in April and preorders can be placed here.

“From the Dry Heart to the Sea” (hey… what’s with the sea theme?) will be in Fablecroft Publishing’s After the Rain. This is also coming out in April, although Tehani has released a limited ebook version to raise money for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal (a wonderful gesture and one I am very pleased to be a part of).

That’s all I can take this evening. Tomorrow, hopefully, there will be photos. Of deer (and maybe some writers, and also a goose… definitely a waterfall).

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  1. Rabia

    Woohoo on the sales! 😀

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