Mar 20

Random updates on the state of things

Debris is starting to feel like OMG, this might actually be a real book! I’ve seen sketches of the cover (a cover! REAL books have those!) and a few people around the place have been reading it and saying some nice things. One of them even rambled nice things about it at Galactic Suburbia a few weeks back, which gave me a bout of the ‘walking around with a stupid grin on my face’ for days. You should pity the poor people I work with, because I think that grin’s going to get worse the closer we come to October.

I’m looking forward to Swancon in April. Not only as a chance to catch up with some amazing people, but also because I’ll have stories in After the Rain and Dead Red Heart which are (I believe) being released then. How’s that for exciting? I also *gulp* volunteered this time. About time I left my comfort zone sitting somewhere at the back where no one can see me… right?

Tales of the Talisman have just bought Tied to the Waste for their Winter 2011/12 issue. I’m pretty chuffed about that. It’s an odd story — a post-apocalyptic world turning to dust, an old woman who works magic from the scraps of dead civilisations, and a bunch of cats who can talk, but choose not to.

Apart from all that, I’m working on a couple of new stories (both of which have got this strangeĀ bone theme going on… what’s with that?), polishing Suited like a word-polishing machine, and playing with ideas for the new book. Altogether, pretty good. How’s everyone else doing?


  1. Dad

    You wanna know where your “bone” themes are coming from? Just look out the back door at Gully’s bed, dammit!

  2. Joanne

    Actually… we threw them all away this afternoon when we replaced his bed. Apart from the current one. Doesn’t look like a graveyard out there any more!

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