Apr 28

I’m sure I’ll catch up someday…

I’m SO far behind, thanks primarily to a week in Perth. There, I had a wonderful time at Swancon/NatCon (where I sat on my first panel ever and did a reading from Debris) and had an equally wonderful time doing holiday-related things with the husband. I have photos (mainly of quokkas) and a HUGE pile of books on the desk to remind me of a week that was so much fun, and just went so fast.

But now, I’m back. And my email is full of ‘To Dos’. And all of them are awesome — like crit a friend’s story, do edits on my story for ME6, write a real blogpost — but OMG when will I get to them all? And I’m very tired. And I was wearing white today and leaned on a dirty wall (yeah I know, but that’s an indication of the kind of day I had, okay?) And oooh I want to read all these books on my desk right now! And on the plane back I watched a documentary on violence in the media and one on stress…

Stop. Breathe. Soon, I shall sleep and that will make everything better. And then, I will get my life back under control. Once that happens, I’ll try to say something more coherent (try).

In the meantime, here’s the press release for Midnight Echo #6 (woot!)

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