May 23

Debris is looking a lot like a real book nowadays

Check it out on Angry Robot’s website, over here! With it’s pretty cover, and cool blurb, and nice comments from wonderful people. And ISBNs. And release dates.

Oh my.

At the moment October still feels so far away, but then again I would have said that about May not that long ago, and now look at us. Just like October, Debris (the real book, instead of the manuscript on my computer screen) feels so far away. But then I see something like this, and it hits me. Really, it’s only just around the corner. And then I want to jump up and down and ‘squeee’ at everyone, as well as run and hide at the same time.

But mostly squee :)


  1. Rabia


    It looks AWESOME! Great cover, excellent blurbs, can’t wait to read it in BOOK form. 😀

  2. Joanne

    Rabia, you are the loveliest beta-reader ever. You’ve read it… how many times already? :)

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