Sep 18

The Angry Robot Hour at Conflux 7!

Angry Robot Hour

Everyone is invited! Just let me know if you wanna come!


  1. Steve Sinnott

    Hi Jo, I enjoyed the book, i think you need to work in some more about the Bear symbols and why they are important ! also is this in our Earth far flung future or another multiple universe earth type planet ? Why the russian type names ?

    Last but not least while reading the paperback version i was gutted to find that the printers had cocked up = after page 320 my copy went on to page 65 until page 95 which means i missed a big chunk :-( looking forward to next offering Cheers Steve from Liverpool

  2. Joanne

    G’day Steve. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book :)

    It’s horrible to hear that about your copy though! Maybe the bookshop can replace it for you, given it is faulty?

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