Sep 24

Debris is ALIVE!

I did something very, very exciting today. I travelled to Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney and signed copies of Debris!

That’s right folks, Debris is alive! It’s a real book. On the shelves! I touched it! And held it. And patted it. And signed several!

Debris on the shelves

Galaxy Bookshop has been my favourite place since Dad introduced it to me a looong time ago. Every time I’ve wandered down those aisles I’ve dreamed of the day I’d see my own books there. And now it’s come true.

The rest of today was spent giddy and bouncy and hyperactive. I might have scared a few people. But it’s all for a good cause.


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  1. Graham Storrs

    Brilliant! Congratulations! What a day for you! And much deserved.

  2. Joanne

    Thanks Graham, it IS very exciting! And it’s so wonderful to have so many folks to share it with too :)

  3. Dad

    So can I buy a copy there? I liked the sample chapters and want more! Can I jump to a copy of “suited” to save time :-)


  4. Joanne

    You could indeed! I wouldn’t jump ahead though, I don’t think it would make much sense…

  5. Rabia


    Big *hugs*, you! May Debris enjoy a long and prosperous career on the shelves of Galaxy Bookshop (and all other bookshops, too! :D).

  6. Ian

    Hooray! Congratulations! May it be the first of many bestsellers for you!

  7. Joanne

    Thanks Ian and Rabia! Here’s hoping! :)

  8. Janette

    Fabulous!!!! Just….. fabulous!! {{hugs}}

  9. Joanne

    Thanks Janette! *HUGS right back at ya!*

  10. j-a brocke

    I know I’m a bit late to the party but WOOHOO! How exciting! I’m off to the bookstore tomorrow to grab a copy.

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