Oct 04

Tanyana’s travelling the world!

Now that Debris is out, it seems Tanyana is having a grand old time travelling around the world. She even sent me this letter, care of my writing buddy Rabia, from Vermont!

Dear Jo,

It’s leaf-peeping season here in Vermont! The fall colors really are lovely. And I haven’t had to worry about paying the rent, dealing with an unpredictable suit and surly co-workers, or responding to garbage-collecting emergencies. I haven’t even seen a single puppet man around!

Instead, I played in the leaves…

… enjoyed the autumn flowers…

… ate fresh-picked apples…

… and hung out with your writing buddy.

We miss you! Wish you could be here with us.



Hmm, travel seems to agree with Tanyana. That’s the nicest she’s been for AGES!


  1. j-a brocke

    She certainly seems to be having fun!

  2. Joanne

    She does indeed!

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