Oct 08

While Tanyana is off travelling the world…

…I can get a few words in!

So, I’ve been doing a few interviews lately — she says, like she’s so used to doing interviews and doesn’t jump up and down in excitement every time, take hours staring at the questions and still can’t believe this is real!


Anyway, so I’ve been doing a few interviews lately. I’ve enjoyed the questions people ask and the way they make me think differently about Debris. Like who is my favourite character (I still think this is a dangerous question to answer! What if I piss off my other characters and they don’t want to cooperate anymore?) which genre do I like the best (same deal?) and what research went into the book? I’ve also loved the way this has given me the opportunity to meet and talk to people who love speculative fiction. Just like me!

There are a few chances to win a copy of the book too. Like over at Rowena Cory Daniells’ website and at The Qwillery. The lovely people at the Qwillery even let me ramble on about genre for a while too. Because seriously, how can you write a book described as ‘manga-inspired steampunk-ish science fantasy’ and not have a lot to say about the concept of genre?

Some of these questions come from as far away (to me, anyway) as Canada, such as the Sci-Fi Fan Letter. It’s still surreal to think of Debris on bookshelves on the other side of the world! Way to go Tanyana, hope you’re having fun (mutter mutter I’ve never been to Canada mutter mutter).

While I’m here I should also shout out to a couple of reviews that made me one very happy author, over at SF Book Reviews and Popcorn Reads. Anyone who says “Lad is just brilliant” totally makes my day. Dear Lad, I love him too.


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  1. Rhonda Roberts

    Hi Jo, long-time-no-see. :-) It’s absolutely fantastic to see your new book hit the shelves. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How many books have you planned already? Are you ready to take over the world? Rhonda

  2. Joanne

    Rhonda! Mate so good to hear from you!

    It is very exciting to see the book out and about. Still not entirely convinced it’s real though… when will we see your next one??

  3. Rhonda Roberts

    Yeah we can have one of those conversations where we say ‘Remember when…’ And what a thrill to see your book up on the shelves – Go Galaxy!!! Good on you!

  4. Marlene Harris

    I’ve got a review posted at I loved the book. I can’t wait for Suited!

  5. Marlene Harris

    My review is at http://www.readingreality.net/?p=1929. Sorry about the tagging error!

  6. Joanne

    Hi Marlene! Thank you for the link to your review. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :)

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