Dec 06

Debris Book Party!

The book party was loads of fun! Lots of love and thanks to the folks who came, and in particular the ones who brought chocolatey goodies.

Check out the front of the bookshop (and OMG lookie the books Debris gets to sit next to!)

The chocolate robot army! (complete with injuries…)

Debris, looking all nice there on a table…

Bender brownies!

Cutting the most amazing cake!

All cut up

Me, doing that reading thing…

Oh, and then some folks, they asked me to sign their books! How about that?

I’m sure you can tell a most lovely and chocolatey night was had by all.

I’ve uploaded even more (MORE? you say!) photos over at facebook over here:¬†http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jo-Anderton/148894251860486

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  1. Geoff Kell

    Hey Jo
    You maybe vaguely remember me – back when you were a pimply youngster I used to play music with your dad when you still had fairwies at the bottom of your garden.
    Just got in contact with him again after many years and he referred me to your website.
    Wow! Well done girl! Can’t wait to buy a copy but I want a signed one! How do I do this?

    By the way I still run the cave at Wee Jasper, and apart from tours we hold concerts when I can organise them, also did a booklaunch of a caves book there – it was great, including the helium filled bat that came down to carry the book cover up into the dark (well how would you launch a book in a cave, outside I could have used a rocket).

    Where do you live (no, I’m not planning on stalking you)? If you are ever down Canberra way get in touch and come out to see the cave. Maybe we could do something there sometime for the fun of it re your scribblings.

    Best of luck with the sequel!


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