Feb 19

ASIM #53 launched!

Andromdea Spaceways Inflight Magazine #53 has launched, and my story High Density is on board. Actually, I’m kinda taking over the ship a bit, because there’s also an interview with me in there. I’m sure I say some very deep and meaningful things… 😉

High Density is exactly what’s happening in my street. Well, maybe not exactly (there’s no army of old folks battling the Density here, as far as I’m aware…) but close enough. It’s about coping with change when it all happens too fast, and the magical artifacts we hold onto, the ones with the strength of our memories and past. It’s absolutely about the giant monolith of a terribly ugly house that’s just been built two doors up from me. The one that looks like a massive white lego block with a swimming pool, a garage big enough to swallow the street, and no backyard. There used to be a cute 1950s brick house there, and a huge garden. Did I mention it now looks like a lego block??

… sorry. *breathes*

Anyway, ASIM #53, edited by Patty Jansen, taking off!

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